Элeктричeскoe бег-купе Mercedes-Benz EQC превратили в «вездеход»

Mercedes-Benz прeдстaвил кoнцeпт элeктричeскoгo внeдoрoжникa нa бaзe крoсс-купe EQC.

Элeктричeский вeздexoд Mercedes-Benz E 400 All-Terrain 4×4² - сие новый проект команды инженеров-разработчиков марки, которым принадлежит авторство представленного в 2017 году экстремального универсала All-Terrain 4×4.

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В Украине стартовали продажи обновленного Chery Tiggo 4

Пeрвaя пaртия нoвoгo крoссoвeрa Chery Tiggo 4 рaскуплeнa пo прeдзaкaзу.

Кoмпaния «Си Эй Aвтoмoтив», oфициaльный дистрибьютoр aвтoмoбилeй брeндa Chery в Укрaинe, прoвeлa всeукрaинскую digital-прeзeнтaцию нового Chery Tiggo 4. Соответственно заявлению дистрибьютора, первая партия кроссовера распродана пока что до прибытия... ( подробнее )

New 2020 Toyota Hilux priced from ?22,466 in UK

Toyota has given its venerable Hilux pick-up a makeover, with prices now confirmed to start from ?22,466 for commercial buyers.

That price is for the single-cab truck in entry-level Active trim, which comes with air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic headlights as standard, and is available from ?26,895 including VAT. Mid-range... ( подробнее )

Inside the industry: Five years on, Dieselgate still resonates

Timed specifically to coincide with the fifth anniversary earlier this month of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate shame breaking across global news, a lobby group called Transport & Environment (T&E) released information pertaining to “new cheats” in the industry, with a specific focus on the official mileage claims of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) versus... ( подробнее )

LV offers roadside charging as part of EV insurance

LV= General Insurance (LV) will launch a “market-leading” roadside charging service for electric vehicles   later this week.

The insurance company will initially launch 10 vans, in partnership with roadside EV charging assistance firm AFF, across England and Wales that can charge   customer EVs that   have run out of juice.

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Strange eastern European cars - can you remember any?

Slide of

High-profile cars like the Trabant and the Zhiguli were just the tip of the automotive iceberg in eastern Europe and in Russia.

State-controlled car makers leveraged the limited funds they had available to put millions of motorists on wheels, whether they... ( подробнее )

New app combines all car info and fee payment for UK drivers

A new smartphone app claimed to prevent drivers from ever forgetting to pay a parking fine, congestion charge or any other car-related fee is now available to download.

The software, called Caura after the company that developed it, serves as a diary for vehicle owners   in the UK,   reminding them of important upcoming events, including... ( подробнее )

New Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is fastest-accelerating electric SUV

Ford has unwrapped the range-topping GT version of its new Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, with a promise that “nothing in its class can accelerate faster”.  

The hot Mach-E, arriving in Europe towards the end of 2021, is claimed to hit 62mph from rest in 3.7 seconds, eclipsing the   sprint times of the Jaguar I-Pace and Polestar 2   by more... ( подробнее )

James Ruppert: How ?1000 can bag an engaging estate car

There have been some spectacular examples of well-bought budget cars by Autocar readers. (Please see this week’s ‘Reader’s ride’ for one.) Sometimes, we can get lucky, but what generally happens is that we are buying on our wits and sifting through pages of cheap classifieds. So it’s always nice when I’m asked to narrow down possible choices.

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Is the Ferrari SF90 the future of the supercar?

My first visit to Maranello came in 1993, to drive the then new 456GT for this very publication. It was in its own understated way a landmark car for Ferrari: all-new from end to end, the first with a six-speed manual gearbox and the first in far too long not to rely on the Fiat parts bin for the majority of its switchgear. It would shortly beget... ( подробнее )